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If you have applied for disability insurance and were denied, contact a disability attorney. With an attorney on your side, you will have an exponentially better chance at being approved. At Nester Anderson Allen & Davis, one of our lawyers will fight for you to be approved for your medical condition as well as make sure you take all necessary tests. You will also be supervised in your testimony. There is no need to pay for your lawyer if you do not win.


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The office of Nester Anderson Allen & Davis wants to help you. With a combined 43 years of experience, we can walk you through the process of filling out your social security disability application. If you’re reaching out to us because you have been denied disability, there is always time for us to go over your claim and create a strategy for you to win your case.

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Nester Anderson Allen & Davis promises to promote equity and justice for anyone with disabilities within our community. We will uphold the fundamental rights of those in our care.

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